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Sales & Finance Audits

Our team of attorneys and former DMV Investigators perform 2-day audits of your facilities, inventory, and sign postings under simulated DMV investigative standards.They will then review documentation for completeness and compliance, and interview senior staff about the existence...

Service Audits

A former BAR enforcement official will review your operations, focusing on elements with the highest compliance exposure.
At the conclusion of the comprehensive review, any issues regarding current noncompliance and possible preventative measures will be communicated to....

California Hotline Service

The AAS Hotline is designed to assist dealers with administrative, regulatory and compliance issues which commonly arise during day-to-day operations. The focus of the Hotline is DMV, repair service, sales and F&I regulatory compliance.

Advertising Review

As a subscriber to the AAS Advertising Review Service you are entitled to submit proofs/scripts of four ads per week for a full review for compliance with state and federal laws and regulations that govern motor vehicle advertising.


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    New Interpretation of Military Lending Act Impacts Sale of GAP to Active Duty Military Members and Their Dependents.

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