Our Mission

To provide retail automotive dealerships with accurate, comprehensive, and highly specialized sales, finance, service drive and advertising compliance services and products delivered and developed by extensively trained and experienced personnel of the utmost moral character:

Company Background

Auto Advisory Services (AAS) has been providing assistance to California Automobile dealers since 1975. We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive compliance services and products available. Our business has grown and expanded largely by referral of one dealer to another. Our client base consists of nearly 500 California dealerships, including dealers from the largest dealer groups in the country and a growing number of dealerships outside California. We also work with many state dealer associations.

AAS was established by Bill Lowrey. As a former special investigator for the DMV, Bill discovered many dealers were simply unaware of the legal complexities involved with doing business in California. He then set out to build a company with one purpose: to help dealerships prevent small compliance problems from becoming large litigation or administrative headaches by helping dealers understand the compliance issues they face.

Today AAS is the leader in dealership compliance issues. Our auditors typically perform over 100 audits per month. Our Hotline receives, on average, over 500 calls per month.

Our team is comprised of:
– Compliance Attorneys
– Former DMV investigators and area commanders
– Former DMV occupational licensing inspectors
– Former BAR program representatives
– Vehicle registration technicians
Each of our consultants is armed with many years of industry experience and all new consultants are extensively trained and tested. The end result: solid advice you can trust to reduce your exposure to enforcement activity and litigation.

Unlike many companies, AAS does not offer any F&I products. We are decisively independent and can provide you with an uncompromising and critical look into your finance department.

We offer many services and products, all geared towards helping dealers comply with the maze of regulations and laws affecting dealership operations today.

Our services and products include:
– Compliance Hotline
– On-site Sales, F&I, and Service Drive Compliance Audits
– Advertising Review
– Periodic Compliance Newsletter
– Safeguards Rule Implementation
– On-site Vehicle Registration Service
– Educational Seminars and Compliance Training
– Customized In-House Workshops
– Automotive Dealership Privacy, Information Safeguards & Red Flags Manual
– Litigation Support (Expert Witness, Auditing, and Consulting)
No other company offers dealerships more in terms of compliance products and services. Ask around, our reputation is our greatest asset.

Let’s work together!