In-House Seminars & Training

In-House Seminars & Training

As part of Auto Advisory Services’ ongoing commitment to provide excellent service to our dealer clients, we offer superbly informative seminars on a variety of subjects. Topics include our hugely popular “Back to the Basics,” an in-depth look at the LAW® 553 Retail Installment Sale Contract and other critical documents, Customized Compliance Program, Raising the BAR – Service Drive Compliance and Advertising Compliance, to name a few. We also conduct custom In-House seminars tailored to your dealership’s specific needs. Pricing for seminars varies depending on topic, group size and location.

“Back to the Basics” Workshop

This highly customized training goes section-by-section, line-by-line, down the LAW® 553-CA Retail Installment Sale Contract and covers other required documents relating to sales and finance transactions. This information will be critical for everyone who is responsible for ensuring that your documentation has been fully and accurately completed, including general managers, sales managers, business managers, and finance personnel. Reduce your dealership’s exposure to liability at the hands of both consumer attorneys and regulatory authorities, while ensuring your contracts are enforceable and assignable.

Service Drive Compliance Training

This seminar, which is delivered by automotive repair compliance attorneys (or by former senior-level BAR enforcement officials if you prefer), will translate complicated, ever-evolving laws related to repair documentation into no-nonsense best practices that will be easy to understand and implement at your facility. This seminar will give your staff the tools they need to successfully navigate California’s challenging automotive repair laws.

Customized Compliance Program

How can your dealership reduce its exposure to major losses from regulatory violations, consumer complaints and fraud? Implement the 4-step Customized Compliance Program from Auto Advisory Services. This 4 hour workshop is conducted by attorney Lisa Singer. We will assist you in establishing a Code of Ethics for your dealership, teach “Best Practice” policies and procedures to your staff and test your managers to ensure they have a complete understanding of their responsibilities. We will also make recommendations for the retention of signed Code of Ethics forms and test results to prove that employees have been trained and know what is required of them. The areas addressed include F&I product sales, F&I disclosures and representations, verbal representations, proper use of credit reports and sales worksheets, and many more.

Advertising Compliance

Do the people responsible for placing your advertising really know and understand the numerous laws and regulations governing vehicle dealer advertising? What sort of training in advertising laws have you provided these people? Give them the tools they need to develop legal advertising content. This 3-hour training seminar will ensure your employees understand the legalities of advertising and teach them the do’s and don’ts of “trigger terms” and finance disclosures.
Don’t run the risk of publishing newspaper, television, radio or internet ads that violate state or federal law.

Custom Seminars

Auto Advisory Services can custom-tailor an In-House seminar for your dealership on virtually any topic dealing with sales, finance, service drive, advertising or DMV-related compliance issues. Just give us a call and let us help you with all your compliance training.

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