Litigation Support

For over 40 years, dealers have been using Auto Advisory Services to help reduce exposure to lawsuits and government enforcement activity. Now, using the Litigation Support service, attorneys who represent dealers can tap the expansive knowledge base accumulated through our exhaustive research and operational expertise.
The Auto Advisory Services Litigation Support Team offers the following services:
• Expert Witness
• Litigation Consulting
• Auditing / Document Review

Investigative Auditors

Nine of our auditors are former DMV Investigators, including two former Area Commanders. Our auditors are capable of reviewing volumes of sales documentation quickly, accurately and at very reasonable costs. We can either perform a comprehensive review and uncover many compliance issues or conduct a narrowly tailored, specialty audit at the direction of dealership counsel. Specialty audits allow litigation counsel to properly assess exposure in specified areas.

Expert Witnesses

How are you going to explain this to a judge or jury? Auto Advisory Services has assembled a team of experts with collective knowledge that is simply unparalleled in the auto industry. Our experts can both testify and consult on a variety of dealership-related topics. Each expert is armed with years (if not decades) of relevant experience and is able to distill highly complicated issues down to basic terms, making him or her an ideal witness in jury trials. Judges will respect the credentials and integrity our experts bring to the table.

Litigation Consulting

Have you properly evaluated your client’s exposure? Issue spotting is our specialty. Auto Advisory Services’ experts have a thorough understanding of dealership operations and can help guide your case in the right direction. All of our experts have spent many years working inside or around dealerships. They are each intimately familiar with dealer paperwork and common sales, finance, service drive and vehicle registration practices. But, most importantly, they understand the regulatory and legal compliance framework lurking behind all the paperwork and business practices.

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