Sales/F&I Compliance Solutions

Inspect What You Expect

KPA’s Sales/F&I software and audit services review transaction documents to assess compliance, implement corrective actions, and conduct training to correct potential problems.

Compliance Software
Identifies issues, provides corrective actions, and tracks remediation activities relating to sales, inventory, and customer information security.

Learning Management System
Educates every individual involved with vehicle sales and finance on best practices, compliance, industry updates, and critical topics.

Inspections & Audit Tools
Reduces the chance of lawsuits and inspection penalties through regularly scheduled audits, policy reviews, and safety meetings.

Resource Library
Promotes compliance and ethical practices through policy templates, written program guides, and forms that help enforce standards and monitor activity to improve accountability.

Sales/F&I Help Desk
Provides on-call assistance with administrative, regulatory, and compliance issues that commonly arise during day-to-day operations.

Advertising Review
Promotes compliance with state and federal laws and regulations that govern motor vehicle advertising.

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